Carters Provides Low Cost Original Equipment Used Engines

Foreign and Domestic Used Engines 1980-2011

Used engines are often the most cost effective way to get your car back on the road.

If your engine has stopped operating, you have three economical options:

  • buying a used vehicle
  • rebuilding your engine
  • locating a used replacement engine


A low mileage replacement engine is the original equipment provided by the manufacturer.

The folks at Carter's want to help you find a working replacement engine for your car, truck, or van and will provide a limited warranty.

Replacing your engine with a used engine from a car that has been in an accident where the engine was not impacted will add years to the life of  your auto.


At Carter Wrecking and Salvage, 

  • We offer towing service
  • We pull the engine
  • We offer an exchange warranty on the used engine
  • We have an independent  mechanic on site who can install your engine, too!